Tendril: Echo Received

Being evil is awesome! Being evil and powerful is much better!
Play as Dragon - an evil demonic-like creature - in this 2D platformer where toying with your prey is encouraged! Crawl on walls, spread terror, modify minds and bodies of your victims and most importantly, have a lot of BLOODY FUN!


  • Aliens series – silent and fluid movement on walls yet being bloody
  • The Thing – DNA modifications
  • Cthulhu Mythos – something eldritch awaits to be woken from its eternal slumber


  • Awesome intuitive fluid control
  • Crawling on all walls - just like a proper Alien would
  • Bloody stealth – you want to be silent, results of your actions don’t have to
  • Bio hacking – modify your prey’s DNA to help you in your vile goals
  • Live NPCs – because hunt is more fun if they are scared
  • Awesome pixel art graphics - gloomy cyberpunk with art deco look