Tendril: Echo Received

Tendril: Echo Received is a 2D stealth platformer inspired by Ridley Scott’s Alien with a focus on freedom of movement.
You play as a blood-thirsty demonic creature that hunts down everyone on its quest for revenge.
The main focus is to give you almost no restrictions on movement and let you figure out the best approach.
You need to plan carefully because here, a single bullet kills.


  • Aliens series – silent and fluid movement on walls yet being bloody
  • Cthulhu Mythos – something eldritch awaits to be woken from its eternal slumber


  • Absolute freedom of movement – use the environment to your advantage. Jump onto walls, crawl on the ceiling, in ventilation shafts, in shadows, or above the heads of your victims, grapple rapidly between places. There are almost no restrictions.
  • Creativity – use devices, exploit the fear of civilians, explore various paths to meet your goals.
  • Beautiful but clean pixel art – feel the atmosphere of a stranded mining colony, where you are the source of their fear. The clear graphics let everything important pop out. Enjoy punchy and satisfying animations.
  • Single bullet means the end – even though you are a fast, silent monster, you have to think before you act. Plan and observe the paths of those who hold guns because they can end your life in seconds.
  • In-game Editor – create and share your incredible creations using a built-in editor.
  • Engaging enemies - fight against guards, robots, and even enemies possessing unnatural powers.